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Our Story

Veterans Brewing Ltd was established on the 11/11/2014. Armistice Day. The UK’s first craft brewery owned by, run by, and supporting veterans.

Tommy and Alex who have been firm friends through shared experiences in the same regiment, got into a conversation at a regimental dinner regarding separate projects they were both involved in. Tommy with the brewing company and Alex with setting up a charity to benefit veterans. The two decided to pool their resources and started selling their first Golden Ale ‘Our Scottish Heroes’ with 5 pence from every bottle sale going to the charity, and thus the Veterans Brewing company seed was planted. After the success of bottles of Our Scottish Heroes real ale the idea of building a company which could potentially offer employment to military veterans was born.

We won’t give up the fight to support veterans who need our help. “We didn’t leave them on the Battlefield and we won’t leave them to struggle today”.

Meet the team!

Tommy Watt
Tommy WattFounder /Owner and Head Brewer at Veterans Brewing
Tommy has over 24 years military service, and has been involved in operational tours and training exercises around the world. On leaving the army Tommy took up the position of Officer to the Royal Company, Queens Bodyguard for Scotland. Tommy moved back to the Isle of Mull, where he was brought up, in 2002 and was instrumental in setting up the Isle of Mull brewing company.
Claire MacFarlane
Claire MacFarlaneAssistant Brewer
Daughter of Tommy, no military experience but brought up in a military environment. Claire has lived all over the world, and feels a strong connection to the military. To this day her favourite smell is boot polish which takes her back to evenings sitting watching Tommy polish his boots.

Claire is a rugby fanatic, both playing and watching. With a background in customer services and sales, she was looking for a career more physically and mentally demanding to suit her character – brewing has been an exciting and refreshing career change!

Dugie Veterans Brand Ambassador
With 10 years military service, Dugie has been on operational tours throughout the world, and on leaving the infantry moved into the private security sector making his home in Canada with his wife Leanne and two children.
Dugie is a self confessed ‘cigar chomping real ale drinking steely eyed veteran’, so when approached by Alex about getting involved with Veterans Brewing, he jumped in with both feet and moved back to Glasgow!

There’s no job too big or small for Dugie to sort out, he is usually a first point of contact for customers and he is a massive driving force and asset to the company!